519-119  Whitelotus "Creek" Women's Short Dress

519-119 Whitelotus "Creek" Women's Short Dress

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Pamper your self in this light weight top that is inspired by a butterfly. It is designed and cut to hide the imperfections and flatter your body. Pair it with a plain skirt or pants for a formal look or Jeans for a cool carefree look. this short sleeve V neck tunic top is sure to make feel like comfortable.

A pleasant off white and blue floral block printed tunic top is made in kalamkari art of fabric printing using indian hog plum and indigo. Kalamkari is a signature art of printing fabric in Andhra Pradesh , India.

Sizes:                     Chest             Length
S-Small                  38"                26.5"
M- Medium           40"                26.5
L-Large                  43"               26.5
XL - X-Large          45"                27


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