515-106 "Kali" Skirt

515-106 "Kali" Skirt

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 A modern twist to a tradition Indian skirt! Be inspired by this lovely paneled long skirt that is skillfully designed to enhance your figure. The narrow panels at the waist gives illusion of smaller waist and making you look and feel elegant. 

Material:  Ajrak Cotton 

 Mustard colored block printed fabric is made in traditional Ajrak art form of fabric printing.  A signature fabric of Jaipur, India.

Ajrak is an ancient art of printing fabric that exited from 2500 BC.  It uses resist dyeing and  block printing by hand on fabrics with crimson red and indigo blue background. The motifs on the fabric are all inspired by nature. The printing is done by hand with hand carved wooden blocks using vegetable dyes. The raw fabric is washed in the  river many times, scoured, beaten, steamed, mordanted, printed with resist mud pastes from the banks of the river.  The artisan goes through thirty steps before the fabric is  ready to be crafted in white lotus products

Small smudges and other minor Imperfections are normal and a testimony to the fact that the printing is entirely done by hand.

 Length: 40



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