507-301 "Autumn" Women's Tunic

507-301 "Autumn" Women's Tunic

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Sassy yet elegant tunic top is must on a carefree day. Pair it with slacks or be bold to wear it as a mini dress.  Wear it for work or go for a meal with a friend. loose fitted flared top is designed to make your bottom look trim while accentuating the shoulders.

Material: Ikat

This navy blue and grayish colored tunic top is made in breathable hand loomed fabric called Ikat. The threads are hand dyed before being woven into elegant patterns. Ikat  is a signature art of making fabric in Telangana, India.

Small smudges and other minor Imperfections are normal and a testimony to the fact that the printing is entirely done by hand.

Sizes:                 Chest    Length
S-Small                  38"          30"
M- Medium           40"          30
L-Large                  41"          30
XL - X-Large          44"          30
XXL - XX -Large     46"          30

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