524-124 Whitelotus "Brigit" Womens Long Shirt

524-124 Whitelotus "Brigit" Womens Long Shirt

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Easy wear for any occasion, this loose fitting long shirt top is sure to make those long days and evenings comfortable.  This trendy outfit reminds you to just relax and enjoy life. The full sleeves offer ample arm coverage while being very comfortable.

Art comes to life in this purest indigo tunic top. This fabric is made in Kalamkari art form of fabric printing. A signature fabric of  Telangana, India.

Sizes:                 Chest          Length
S-Small                  40.5"          34"
M- Medium           42.5"          30
L-Large                  44"             35
XL - X-Large          45.5"           36
XXL - XX -Large     49"             36

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