550-128 Whitelotus "Venus" Women's Maxi Dress

550-128 Whitelotus "Venus" Women's Maxi Dress

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Cosy up in this country style long maxi. Elegant and comfortable maxi dress is perfect for a spring afternoon or warm summer evenings. Wear it as a day dress or for an evening stroll or better still dance the night off !

light weight red Motif block printed fabric in vegetable dye on a soft mulmul fabric is a tribute to Kalamkari art of fabric printing. A complex form of fabric printing practiced in Andhra Pradesh India. The printing is done using wooden blocks chiseled from teak wood by master craftsmen. Pomegranate peel, iron scrap, turmeric, Jaggrey, salt etc are used to make the vegetable dyes. The printed fabric is washed in the flowing waters of river Krishna and sun dried.

Small smudges and other minor Imperfections are normal and a testimony to the fact it is completely handmade.

Size      S/M          L/XL
length    50            51
Chest     41             43

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