GreenJute Candle Holder Round - Lattice - 4" (SA1019)

GreenJute Candle Holder Round - Lattice - 4" (SA1019)

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Material: Soap Stone

Size: 4" Diameter

A captivating piece of art with intricate designs is not only great conversation piece but is sure to leave your guests with a lasting memory as it lights up your homes. Carved from single piece of soap stone, this candle holder is hand crafted by artisans of India.

We highly recommend using battery operated tea lights.

Color disclaimer:  Soapstone naturally comes in different color shades.  Hence the finished product may sometimes have multiple shades and colors (pink, grey, white etc).  The finished shade pattern is highly unpredictable as the inner layer color may be different from the outer layer and the carver will only know after he starts carving the item.  

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