JB1009 "Hipster" Crossbody Bag - Beige

JB1009 "Hipster" Crossbody Bag - Beige

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Hipster is a cross body bag for casual outing/workout.   It is light weight, and perfectly designed to carrying your essentials.


  • One outside zip pocket.
  • One outside pouch
  • One inside pouch
  • Zipped top

Size: 7" width x 9" height

Weight: 202 gms / 0.44 lb


Spot clean with mild detergent

Jute is a natural and sustainable plant fiber that grows in northeast India without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The fiber is extracted from the stem of the jute plant by retting in water streams. The extracted fiber is then sun dried to become soft golden fiber. The fiber is then spun into strong threads and woven into a fabric. The fabric is vat dyed in custom colors and sun dried before it is ready to be crafted into GreenJute bags.

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